This year's new North Dining is Ball State University’s premier dining location.

From down-home, authentic barbeque to hip, artisanal treats and pastries, this state-of-the-art dining hall offers a bevy of culinary experiences aimed to exceed the nutritional needs and culinary expectations of our diverse community. This fall, food concepts specializing in late-night and early-morning to-go meals and our unique, allergen-free eatery will be open and help exemplify our commitment to inclusivity. While you’re here, enjoy a one-of-a-kind Starbucks, an enchanting restaurante Italiano, a modern custom deli, and more that cater to the eclectic mix of tastes, cultures, and backgrounds of our current and incoming students, faculty, and staff, while providing a tempting and convenient option to you, our other campus visitors, and the Muncie community.