The Educational Technology and Resources Collection supports teaching and learning by providing  a variety of materials, including DVDs, audiobooks, and digital equipment for use by current Ball State students, faculty, and staff. 

We also support future teachers by providing standards-based textbooks, curriculum materials, and youth books, as well as technology for teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom. 

Services offered in the Educational Technology and Resources Collection include individual help with research and educational technology, classroom instruction and orientation to the collections, circulating of materials, booking of videos and films, and in-house viewing options. 


Name  Position
Lisa Jarrell
Head of Educational Technology Resources Collection
Julie Nelson
Information / Circulation Supervisor
Nathaniel Saloh
Educational Technology Specialist
Bill McElyea
Media Equipment Technician
Parker Hall
Information / Evening Circulation Supervisor
Lora Jones
Booking Reserves Assistant
Kendra McFarland
Circulation Assistant