John Richard Emens, 1945-1968

John R. Emens, director of personnel for the Detroit Public Schools, was elected president at age forty-four, right before the end of World War II. In fall 1945, student enrollment increased to 1010, which included many veterans. The enrollment doubled the next year, and ultimately reached over 13,000 during Emens tenure. As enrollment increased, many kinds of needs mushroomed throughout the campus. The institution developed a long-range campus plan in order to meet those needs. Under Emens guidance, the plan was successfully carried out for the next eighteen years. The number of buildings on campus grew phenomenally during this period. New construction included many residence halls, Practical Arts Building, Physical Science-Mathematics Building, Nursing Education Building, Athletic Stadium, Teachers College, and L.A. Pittenger Student Center. In September 1965, Ball State had 29 departments and divisions in 5 colleges including the College of Architecture and Planning and the Department of Nursing. On February 8, 1965, the institution was renamed Ball State University and embarked upon a new era. After leading Ball State through many changes during a 23-year tenure, Emens retired in 1968.