The Department of Women’s, Gender, and African American Studies offers an interdisciplinary minor in African American Studies and an interdisciplinary major and minor in women's and gender studies. In the Women’s and Gender Studies programs, students investigate women's and men's gendered experiences. In the African-American Studies Minor, students analyze the functioning of race in American culture and history and around the world.

Both programs give students the opportunity to learn their respective theories and methods of inquiry. And they pay heed to intersections of gender and race with culture and belief, sexuality and sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, nationality, geography, age, (dis)ability, and religion. By evaluating historical and contemporary issues, our students broaden their understanding of difference and social justice through learning grounded in research and theory.

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Women’s and Gender Studies Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Ball State’s major in women’s and gender studies offers a comprehensive overview of women’s and men’s gendered experiences. Due to its flexible, multidisciplinary nature, this degree is excellent preparation for a variety of career paths. Learn more.

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Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies

Are you looking for a diverse, multidisciplinary minor to complement your major? Ball State’s minor in women’s and gender studies is an excellent choice. Learn more.

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Minor in African American Studies

Through our minor in African-American Studies, you’ll gain a better understanding of our nation as a whole and African-Americans’ contribution to it.

Explore how race, power, and resistance have shaped American society more broadly. Learn more.