students at the learning center

Get A Tutor at the Learning Center

At the Learning Center, we provide two distinct avenues for students to engage with our dedicated tutors: scheduled appointments and convenient drop-in sessions held at various satellite locations across campus.

Appointment-Based Tutoring

Appointment-Based Tutoring

We offer both in-person sessions at NQ 350 and online sessions via Zoom, catering to a diverse range of courses offered at our institution. Our tutoring roster is regularly updated to reflect current academic offerings, ensuring comprehensive support throughout the semester. Please note that tutoring availability may vary during the summer term.


Satellite Drop-in Tutoring

Our drop-in tutoring services are strategically located at satellite centers, including the Robert Bell building for mathematics and the Foundational Sciences Building for biology and chemistry. These sessions require no prior booking; simply visit us during designated times to receive assistance. Whether you're grappling with a specific problem or seeking guidance to kick-start a homework assignment, our drop-in sessions offer invaluable support for your academic endeavors.


Scheduling or Canceling an Appointment

Whether you need to schedule an appointment or cancel one, you can do so using Navigate. For extensive instructions on how to create and cancel appointments, view our written instructions or watch our video instructions