The Simulation and Information Technology Center (SITC) is a clinical simulation and technology support center providing on-campus and distance education services and resources.



Our center has a variety of space available for students to practice safe patient care simulations:

  • area that includes beds that can be adapted as a simulated acute-care hospital or a long-term care facility
  • critical care simulation suite
  • four-bed obstetrical wing
  • one-bedroom efficiency apartment that simulates a home health care setting

Many of the Simulation Center areas are equipped with technology and equipment to run simulations from centralized control rooms. This allows facilitators to remain out of view during operation of the equipment so that the simulation experience is more realistic.

Two additional multi-room suites of the Cooper Science Building expand the clinical simulation practice and evaluation space. Both suites are used for simulation practice and evaluation as well as videotaping projects.


The lab equipment we use in our Simulation Center includes various medical supplies and equipment for a range of simulation activities and hands-on learning. From bed-making to IV insertion, you will have the opportunity to practice an array of nursing skills and become more comfortable with medical equipment.
Also, the SITC possesses a wide variety of high-fidelity and low-fidelity manikins for student practice, including:

  • neonate
  • infant
  • pediatric
  • obstetrical
  • adult

Other clinical practice equipment includes:

  • a fully functioning ventilator
  • Alaris IV pumps
  • PCA pump
  • syringe pump
  • feeding pumps
  • medication carts
  • fully stocked code blue cart
  • Pyxis medication station

These SITC supplies and equipment are available for clinical simulation, practice, and evaluation with the goal of preparing students for safe patient care.


Clinical simulations are realistic patient care scenarios that provide a safe environment for hands-on learning. These simulations cover the spectrum of our undergraduate on-campus baccalaureate clinical nursing classes.

Simulations are updated regularly in a cooperative effort between SITC staff and appropriate course faculty.

Our current students say that learning in simulation helps to connect the classroom with clinical practice.


The clinical simulation program includes the use of live volunteer patients and the use of virtual simulation throughout the program.

These methods of learning will provide you with a nonthreatening environment to learn and develop interviewing and assessment skills with various types of patients.


Technical support is available to all on- and off-campus faculty, staff, and students in the nursing department.

The SITC staff can be contacted for technical assistance on campus by phone at 765-285-5584 or by email Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-

Want to See the Center in Person?

One of the best ways to understand how the SITC would help prepare you to succeed in the professional field is to see it for yourself. Schedule a campus tour through our Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Or if you want to speak directly to someone in our center, email us.