Students observe other students working in the sim lab

The Interprofessional Simulation Lab creates a collaborative environment for hands-on learning experiences, discovery, and engagement. Students from a variety of health disciplines work together as they would in real-world situations.

The lab provides instructional/debriefing rooms surrounded by three hospital simulation rooms. The rooms offer equipment found in an inpatient environment to make it realistic for student learning. Equipment includes:

  • Alaris IV pumps
  • bedside commode chairs
  • hospital beds
  • overbed lifts
  • patient monitors
  • PCA pumps

Each simulation room has a high-fidelity adult manikin for practice and simulation. A control booth with one-way glass allow facilitators to remain out of view during simulation experiences. Video recording and playback capability is available in each simulation room.

In addition, glass walls switch from opaque to clear for flexibility in space utilization and to block distractions. There is also a wall backdrop to hide the hospital equipment to create other environments, such as a women’s basketball scene or a therapy room.

Faculty and Staff

Director of Nursing Simulation and Information Technology Center (NSITC):

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