Students learn in the Pediatric Simulation Lab

The Pediatric Simulation Lab provides experiences that mirror real-life hospital situations. Through active case scenarios, students from our prelicensure nursing programs gain the required clinical skills needed for pediatric healthcare.

The pediatric suite offers equipment found in an inpatient environment to make it realistic for student learning including:

  • Alaris IV pumps
  • crib
  • hospital bed
  • infant warmer
  • IV syringe pumps
  • high fidelity manikins (ages infant, one and five)
  • patient monitors

A control booth with one-way glass allows facilitators to remain hidden during simulations. Video recording and playback capability is available. A debriefing/clinical lab room is adjacent to the simulation room with glass walls that switch from opaque to clear for flexibility in space utilization and to block distractions. A wall backdrop hides the hospital equipment to create other environments, such as a therapy room.

The lab can be used by any faculty in the College of Health.

Faculty and Staff

Clinical Lab Specialist:

Director of Nursing Simulation and Information Technology Center (NSITC):

Director of Clinical Simulation, College of Health:

Information Technology Specialist:

Outreach Specialist:

  • Janet Bertram