Students working together in the Welcome Home Suite

The Welcome Home Suite emphasizes interprofessional education by simulating in-hospital and at-home patient care for a variety of health disciplines.

The suite is set up like a home environment and includes:

  • bathrooms (standard and ADA compliant)
  • living room
  • telehealth machine that provides students an opportunity to learn about this method of health delivery
  • two bedrooms set up like hospice or home healthcare with a simulation manikin for scenarios
  • two kitchens that can be used for cooking classes, educating dietetics students, or working directly with live clients with various nutrition or swallowing issues
  • video recording and playback capabilities from a control booth in-between the bedrooms. One-way glass is available for facilitators to remain out of view during simulation experiences.

The suite is also available for a variety of community-focused wellness workshops and classes.

Faculty and Staff

Clinical Lab Specialist:

Director of Nursing Simulation and Information Technology Center (NSITC):

Director of Clinical Simulation, College of Health:

Information Technology Specialist:

Outreach Specialist:

  • Janet Bertram