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School of Music Scholarships

Students do not apply for School of Music Scholarships. Rather, all undergraduate students auditioning for the School of Music during scheduled, on-campus audition dates are automatically considered for these awards.

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A typical scholarship can range from $500 to several thousand dollars upon the recommendation of the auditioning faculty member(s) and the coordinator of undergraduate admissions and scholarships. The amount of an award is based upon demonstrated musicianship, academic record, and ensemble needs in the School of Music.

Once you are admitted to the School of Music, you may also be eligible for program specific awards within your major. Scholarships for promising young composers and those interested in music technology and music media production may also receive awards based on the recommendation of program faculty. The most prestigious of these awards is the Rebecca Reichert Scholarship in Music Education.

Young Artist Awards

Like other School of Music scholarships, you do not apply for Young Artist Awards. Each year, the School of Music selects a limited number of exceptional young musicians for these prestigious awards signifying outstanding merit. Young Artist Awards could range from several thousand dollars to full tuition. Qualifications, revealed through both the application and audition processes, are musical excellence demonstrated by dedication to music and promise of future artistic development, leadership potential evidenced by the ability to set and achieve goals at a high level, and academic distinction demonstrated by standing and SAT/ACT scores or comparable measures of academic ability. Learn more about auditions and admission to the School of Music.

Paying it Forward

Both the School of Music Scholarships and Young Artist Awards are generously supported by many faculty, benefactors, and friends of the College of Fine Arts and School of Music. Our ability to attract, retain, and support outstanding students would not be possible without the financial support they provide. A list of the many named scholarships to honor these outstanding individuals is found below. The donors, their estates, and/or their businesses and foundations continue to pay it forward by supporting current students in the School of Music.

  • Earl and Madeline C. Sites Music Scholarship
  • Arthur D. Hill Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Barbara A. Manford Scholarship
  • Barbara D. and Erwin C. Mueller Percussion Scholarship
  • Bernard O. Pressler Memorial
  • Betty I. Boggs School of Music Fund
  • Brian Minor Music Scholarship
  • Carole Herriott and the Muncie Symphony League Scholarship
  • Donita (Stobaugh) and Roy L. Gross Scholarship
  • Donna Gilkison Music Scholarship
  • Douglas D. Amman Choral Scholarship
  • Elizabeth E. Meloy Scholarship
  • Eugene and Marjorie Fuller Memorial Fund
  • F. Earl Dunn Senior Band Scholarship
  • Fine Arts Scholarships
  • George Wolfe Saxophone Scholarship
  • Goodwin Estate Scholarship
  • Harold Ensele Scholarship
  • Hilary Hahn Scholarship
  • Honorable Raymond O. and Joyce J. (Unger) Kellam Scholarship
  • Homer Pence Bassoon Scholarship
  • Jean C. Kohler Piano Memorial Scholarship
  • Mary Lou Hoover Conrad Music Scholarship
  • Max Pottag Memorial Scholarship
  • Melvin Fields and Zelda Holsinger Fields Fine Arts Scholarship Fund
  • Mildred Hodgson Scholarship
  • Morgy Craig Music Scholarship Fund
  • Mrs. F.A.Z. Kumler Award
  • Muncie Symphony League Scholarship
  • Music Scholarship Fund (Palmer)
  • Nancy Vinkemulder Scholarship
  • Phillip S. Ewart Opera Performance Scholarship
  • Presser Foundation Grant
  • Mary Jane Bergdoll Scholarship
  • Mary Maxon and the Psi Iota Xi Charities Inc. Music Scholarship
  • Robert Hargreaves Scholarship
  • Robert T. Carr Memorial Award
  • Rose H. Meyer Memorial Scholarship
  • The David and Mary Jane Sursa Fine Arts Endowment
  • The Glenna Marie Rundell Memorial Scholarship
  • The Joseph T. and Suzanne E. Naumcheff Music Scholarship
  • The Sylvia D. and Ralph D. Folk Memorial Scholarship
  • Uttamial Shah Memorial Scholarship
  • William and Mary Hargreaves Memorial Scholarship

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Academic Awards

Remember that you must also apply to and be accepted by the university before any School of Music Scholarship can be honored. However, in applying to the university, you may also find yourself eligible for many academic awards. These awards could include, but may not be limited to National Merit Scholarships, Presidential Scholarships, and the Whitinger Scholars program. Criteria for these awards is often based on class rank, GPA, and test scores, are most often determined at the time of admission to the university, and could be in addition to any scholarships awarded by the School of Music.

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