brass quintet performing in a classroom

Each year the School of Music partners with the Muncie Symphony Orchestra to provide free chamber music concerts to elementary-aged students.

The touring chamber music groups are comprised of School of Music students and include:

  • a string quartet
  • a woodwind quintet
  • a brass quintet
  • a percussion ensemble

Each chamber music group, under the guidance of its faculty coach, puts together an age-appropriate musical program. School of Music students then collaborate on an interactive presentation that focuses on engaging the elementary-aged students in a conversation about the music and its composer.

How to Join

The ensembles are put together in the fall and are coached by School of Music faculty throughout the academic year.

Membership in the ensembles is required for some graduate assistants. Undergraduate students are selected to participate by competitive audition.

Book a Concert

The Muncie Symphony Orchestra works with local and regional elementary schools to schedule the outreach performances. Additional venues may include:

  • preschools
  • nonprofit educational organizations
  • nursing homes
  • adult day care centers
  • private homes for groups of homeschooled students

Performances are typically 25 minutes in length and host schools are allowed up to three presentations per visit.

To request a concert for your school or organization, visit the Muncie Symphony Orchestra website.

Request a Concert