Core Values of the Program (C.L.A.S.S.) students collaborating with laptops at small tables

Ball State University and the Miller College of Business uphold a standard of distinction that creates a campus environment devoted to excellence and inclusion. Students are provided the resources and knowledge to become innovative, courageous, and socially responsible citizens of the world.

The Miller Leadership Core: 

In addition to the enduring values set forth by Ball State and the Miller College of Business, the academy focuses on 5 main areas that define student success: Community, Leadership, Academics, Service, and Support (C.L.A.S.S.). All programs and services provided by the academy fall into at least one of these categories. Combined, these core components ensure that students are supported, challenged, and successful.  

  • Community - The program provides activities and events to engage students and develop a sense of community and belonging.

  • Leadership - The Miller Leadership Academy provides guidance and supportive programming to develop effective leaders.

  • Academics - The academy works with the campus to provide academic support services that keep students on track to degree completion.

  • Service - Scholars will engage in service opportunities to help them develop leadership skills and to learn how communities can be partners to business success.

  • Support - The program works in conjunction with various campus resources to provide holistic support services that address issues that affect retention and success. 

student pointing in front of classFunding, Transition, Support 

When students struggle with success, the cause is oftentimes non-academic. Therefore, the academy takes a holistic approach to services to target factors that oftentimes impede student success.  These areas of focus include funding, transition, and support. 

Funding - Students in the Miller Leadership Academy receive a renewable scholarship of $11,000 per year, which can be used with other financial aid awards. The award can be used towards tuition, housing, and other expenses related to the cost of attendance. Students must make satisfactory academic progress as defined by the program and meet other program requirements to maintain award eligibility.

  • Transition - Programming aimed at making a successful college transition may include: participating in a summer bridge program, the academy’s orientation program, engagement events, community-building activities, and a support system that provides a home away from home. 

  • Support - Students in the academy may receive support programming that includes:

    • Leadership Development leadership education, training, and experience 

    • Professional Development - educational workshops, mentoring, internship opportunities 

    • Academic Support - academic advising, tutoring, study tables 

    • Holistic Support - wellness programming, personal development, stress management, campus resources, orientation 

    • Career Planning and Coaching - develop a 4-year plan, coaching, career exploration 

    • Community Building and Belonging - summer bridge program, engagement activities, team building, peer mentoring, shared residential experience in the Miller Living Learning Community

    • Service Opportunities - Miller College of Business, campus and community volunteer opportunities, service projects, philanthropic case competition, social justice, and diversity education