Opportunities to Transfer to Miller College 

Whether you are currently pursuing a specific Ivy Tech Community College partner program or enrolled in another program at a different institution, we’re excited to help you complete your bachelor’s degree with us. The three most common transfer paths are:

  • Ivy Tech Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) – A.S. in Business Administration
  • Ivy Tech Articulation – A.S. in Hospitality Administration
  • General Transfer 
Ivy Tech Business TSAP

We offer options you can only find at Ball State University. By completing the A.S. in Business Administration from Ivy Tech, you have the choice to directly transfer to one of 13 business majors! Each requires only 60 additional hours and can be completed in as little as four semesters. The TSAP website outlines all 13 degree plans for the following majors:

  • Accounting 
  • Business Administration* 
  • Business Analytics 
  • Computer Information Systems 
  • Economics: Business* 
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation 
  • Finance 
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management* 
  • Marketing 
  • Professional Selling
  • Property Management
  • Risk Management and Insurance  

This is a Guaranteed Admission agreement. 

*Also available 100% online 

A 60+60 hour agreement welcomes Ivy Tech students who complete the A.S. in Hospitality Administration to complete Ball State’s B.S. in Hospitality Innovation and Leadership (HIL). This is a Guaranteed Admission agreement. 

In addition to standard courses, HIL has a for-credit Internship requirement. To be eligible for the Ball State HIL Internship, students must first complete a minimum of 400 hours of industry-specific, customer-interaction work. Through this program agreement, Ball State is accepting 200 of the required 400 hours from Ivy Tech’s required HOSP courses of HOSP 207, 221, & 280.  

A sample approach to complete the remaining 60 hours: 

hospitality sequence for web 

Advising Notes: ACC 101 & ECON 202 must be completed with a minimum grade of C.

Note on HOSP 369: The pre-requisite 400 hours for the internship include positions in food, event/meeting, or hotel establishments (traditionally defined) that require direct interactions with customers, such as hostess/server, front desk agent, event planner/host, food preps, campus catering, etc. The hours must be accumulated within the prior four years of the internship and approved by the internship director.  Students are advised to contact the internship director to confirm the eligibility of work experience as soon as declaring the major. 200 of these hours will be accepted from HOSP 207, 221, & 280.  

Learn more about all of your Ball State Transfer options and Miller College of Business majors and programs.  

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For questions about the transfer admission process or credit transferability:


Email: transfer@bsu.edu | Phone: 765-285-5604 

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