If analyzing and solving problems that affect people's financial security interests you, you should consider a major in actuarial science. You’ll receive a solid foundation in the mathematics and business education that you need to become an actuary and become prepared to take the professional exams.

At Ball State, we have one of the few programs that offers both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in this field, and we are proud of our five faculty members, Steve Avila, C. Gary Dean, W. Bart Frye, Rich Owens, and Zhixin Yang.  Dean, Frye, and Owens are all Fellows, the highest actuarial designation.  Dr. Avila is expert in the risk management and business skills that aspiring actuaries must acquire.  Dr. Yang's doctorate degree is in applied mathematics.

Important news:

Why Actuarial Science at Ball State?

  • Our Bachelor's degree is attainable in 4 years
  • The major, combined with the Foundations of Business for Actuarial Science and Mathematics Majors minor, will fulfill your Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) requirements.  Review required courses for a minor in Foundations in Business for Actuarial Science and Mathematics Majors
  • Gamma Iota Sigma is the professional fraternity designed to help you learn about the industry and help you network with professionals
  • Many students graduate having passed 1 or more exams and having had 1 or more summer internships
  • For more information on actuarial science as a career, visit www.beanactuary.com .