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Women in Data Science Muncie at Ball State University is independently organized by Ball State University to be part of the mission to increase participation of women in data science and to feature outstanding women doing outstanding work.

The Women in Data Science initiative, WiDS, was launched at Stanford University in 2015 and has grown to include 200+ conferences, events, a global datathon, a podcast series, WiDS Academy, a Next Gen outreach program, and an UpLink platform. With over 150,000 participants in over 160 countries, WiDS Worldwide is a fiscally sponsored project under Community Initiatives. 

WiDS Workshop

We are thrilled to launch the WiDS Datathon competition, where we will dive into a real-world dataset containing information about demographics, diagnosis and treatment options, and insurance provided by patients diagnosed with breast cancer from 2015-2018.

Problems engage data enthusiasts of all levels. Specifically, participants will work on developing a model to predict if the time for a patient to receive their first diagnosis treatment is within a specific timeframe.

More information about the WiDS Datathon.


The events below welcome individuals of all genders and are not limited to women. Additionally, they are supported by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the Department of Computer Science, the College of Sciences and Humanities, and the BSU Career Center.

Workshop Schedule

Workshop I

WiDS Datathon Workshop I: Kick Off, Datathon Registration and Networking

Date & Time: April 11, 3:30-5:30 pm (EST)
Location: Student Center Multi-Purpose Room
Mode: Hybrid

Brief Agenda:

  • Introduction: Dr. Faezeh Soleimani, Assistant Professor of Mathematical Sciences
    • Title: WiDS Datathon and Data Science Skills Needed for the Challenge
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Jill Coleman, Associate Dean College of Sciences and Humanities, Executive Director of Coursera Programs, and Professor of Geography and Meteorology
    • Title: The World of Big Data: Interdisciplinary Programs and Applications
  • Talk: Dr. Aihua (Ava) Li, Assistant Teaching Professor of Geography
    • Title: Why and How to Be an Environmental Data Scientist?
  • How to register for the datathon
  • Break
  • Networking and team formation

WiDS Datathon Workshop II: Introduction to 2024 Datathon Problem, Training and Hands-on Sessions

Date & Time: April 18, 3:30-5:30 pm (EST)
Location: Student Center 310 A&B
Mode: Hybrid

Brief Agenda:

  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Jennifer Coy, Department Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Associate Professor of Computer Science
    • Title: Interdisciplinary Links Between Data Science and Astrophysics
  • Registration, networking, and brainstorming for the 2024 datathon problem: WiDS team and GAs
  • Break
  • Training and hands-on sessions (non-concurrent)
    • Python and R resources
    • Data Management, Data Wrangling, and Data Cleaning
    • Example-Part 1

WiDS Datathon Workshop III: 2024 Datathon Team Formation, Training and Hands-on Sessions

Date & Time: April 25, 3:30-5:30 pm (EST)
Location: Bracken Library, BL 104
Mode: Hybrid

Brief Agenda:

  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Munni Begum, Professor of Mathematical Sciences and Director of the Data Science and Analytics Programs
    • Title: Differential Survival and Subgroup Analysis for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients
  • Registration, networking, brainstorming, and final team formation for the 2024 datathon
  • Break
  • Training and hands-on sessions (non-concurrent)
    • Data Exploration and Visualization
    • Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling
    • Example-Part 2
Join us on a journey where mathematics meets data science! Our esteemed faculty members in the Department of Mathematical Sciences are at the forefront of applying rigorous mathematical principles to unravel complex data challenges.

Local Organizing Committee


Dr. Faezah Soleimani
Dr. Faezeh Soleimani


Roza AceskaDr. Roza Aceska


Munni Begum
Dr. Munni Begum


Colton G
Colton Gearhart


Steve Guo
Dr. Steve Guo


Drew Lazar
Dr. Drew Lazar


Rebecca Pierce
Dr. Rebecca Pierce


Roberson August
August Roberson