Students in grades 6-12 from Muncie Community Schools, Burris, or Inspire Academy, who are interested in strengthening their mathematics skills are invited to join us for this FREE week-long camp. Attendees will use math as a tool to explore, to model, and to analyze engaging real-world situations. Investigations will include topics such as, statistics (data collection and analysis), combinatorics (strategic counting), interdisciplinary explorations (e.g., civics and math), community explorations, and more. Campers will be given opportunities to work collaboratively in problem-solving teams as they engage in mathematical processes, conduct field work on Ball State’s campus, conference with camp leaders and with each other, and share their ideas and findings. The camp will be facilitated by Ball State University Mathematical Sciences faculty as well as Muncie Community Schools math teachers. NOTE: Make this half-day camp a full-day camp by also registering for a morning literacy camp. See link below for details.

Dates and Times

 June 19-23, 2023, 1:00 – 4:00 P.M.    

All classes will be held in Ball State’s Robert Bell Building, which is on the southwest corner of McKinley Avenue and Petty Road. (FREE door-to-door transportation is available if needed)

Pick-up and Drop-off

Drop off and pick up will be at the "U" just north of the Robert Bell building on Ball State's Campus. Door-to-door transportation is freely available. If the camp transportation option is not selected, parents/guardians are responsible for their child's transportation to and from camp.


Please complete the registration form to reserve a spot for your child at the FREE MATH Summer Camp. Make sure to include a current email, as we will later distribute more specific details. Registration will close on May 1st.

Registration Form


For any questions on the mathematics summer camp, please contact:

Andrew Gatza (
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Mathematical Sciences | Ball State University