Professional Development Schools

Through the Teachers College's Clinical Practice Network, we partner with Professional Development Schools. Teachers and administrators in each school work with our faculty to develop initiatives that promote:

  • high-quality professional development for teachers in the field
  • high-quality teacher preparation for Ball State students who work in the school
  • improved learning and achievement for the students in the school
  • research to improve teaching and learning

There are currently 17 schools in the Ball State network, which includes urban and rural settings and provides rich experiences for future teachers. Learn more about our Clinical Practice Network.

More Student Teaching Resources

The Office of Teacher Education Services provides information and resources on student teaching. Learn more.

Special Opportunities

You'll get to participate in student teaching and practicum opportunities near and far, giving you professional experience and the chance to experience school settings through different contexts. Through partnerships with other organizations and schools, the Teaches College offers its students a few unique opportunities.


Student Teaching in Houston, Texas

Fall or Spring

Students teach at Aldine Independent School District, north of downtown Houston. The district's student population exceeds 58,000. More than 90 percent of students are minority, and 73 percent are economically disadvantaged. A collaboration between Ball State and the district allows student teachers the opportunity to complete their field experience in this culturally and economically diverse district.

Student Teaching in Germany

Fall or Spring

Elementary and secondary education majors at Ball State may consider student teaching in Germany.

Candidates teach children of U.S. military and civilian personnel stationed abroad. All schools are on a United States Air Force base in the Rhine and Mosul Valley region.