Policy on Completion of Courses

Elementary Education students must complete the sequence of core courses to graduate. Those core courses are:

  • EDEL 100
  • EDEL 200
  • EDEL 300
  • EDEL 301
  • EDEL 350
  • EDEL 351
  • Student Teaching

Students also must follow the prerequisite sequence in the Undergraduate Catalog for Elementary Education.

Therefore, under no circumstances, will the department:

  • Permit students to register for two core courses simultaneously
  • Waive any of the core courses
  • Waive any prerequisites for core courses
  • Reserve space for a student while the student satisfies the prerequisites for a core course
  • Permit students to enroll more than two times in EDEL 100, EDEL 200, EDEL 300, EDEL 301, EDEL 350, EDEL 351, EDRD 400, or EDRD 430

Please download, complete, and turn in the following statement regarding prerequisities and other requirements for elementary education majors.

Download Statement (PDF)

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As freshman, all students are part of the University College Advising Center regardless of intended or declared major.

Each incoming student is given an advising handbook with general advising information. In addition, each student is assigned an advisor who specializes in working with freshmen.

University College Advising Center is in North Quad 323, 765-285-1161.

When an elementary education major has been classified as a sophomore, the student is reassigned to the Teachers College Advising Center.

From sophomore status through graduation, the student's records are maintained in the same advising center. The TC Advising Center may be reached by phone at 765-285-8540.

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Students who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony might not be eligible for an Indiana teaching license. Students with a conviction should contact the Indiana Department of Education to determine eligibility before pursuing a teaching degree.