Think of the most important and influential people from your childhood-a favorite teacher is probably among them. If you want to devote your career to playing that same essential role in the life of a child, then Ball State's Department of Elementary Education is the right choice.

Our programs equip you to shape and guide the next generation of learners. We provide a rigorous curriculum, immersive and experiential learning opportunities, impactful service programs in the community, real-world connections through the Burris Laboratory School (a K-12 incubator and innovator of effective teaching methods), and much more.

A teacher working with a group of students.

Elementary Education Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (On Campus)

Prepare to teach children in kindergarten through sixth grade. You'll have multiple opportunities to work with children and teachers in local schools and community organizations. You may also earn a dual major with special education. Learn more.

A teacher works with elementary school children

Elementary and Special Education Dual Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science (On Campus)

Earning this dual major will make you a highly skilled teacher licensed to work with both general education students and student who require mild interventions to be successful. You’ll learn from faculty with extensive real-world experience. Learn more.

A student reading a book to a group of children.

Graduate Certificate in Literacy Instruction


Meet the licensing requirements for reading teachers by the Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability. Our online graduate certificate in literacy instruction is ideal for literacy coaches, literacy specialists, literacy interventionists, and other elementary teachers who'd like to add a reading license. Learn more.

A teacher giving instruction in a classroom.

Graduate Certificate in Enhanced Teaching Practice for Elementary Teachers


Help create early childhood classroom environments where students thrive. Our graduate certificate in applied classroom practices provides the credential administrators need-and exceeds those requirements. Learn more.

A teacher holding a globe in front of a group of students.

Master's Degree in Elementary Education

Master of Arts in education (Online)

Get ready for a leadership role with a degree that focuses on your academic strengths and interests. Offered entirely online, our master of arts in elementary education is one of the most customizable programs of its kind in the country with multiple options and focus areas from which to choose. Learn more.

A teacher smiling as she works with a group of students.

EdD in Elementary Education

Pursue advanced development for public school professionals and others who seek leadership roles. This doctorate offers challenging courses, an accomplished and highly recognized faculty, and valuable field experiences. Learn more.

Two professionals working together.

PhD in Elementary Education

This doctorate is ideal for anyone interested in a career as a college or university professor. Take challenging courses with accomplished and highly recognized faculty and participate in valuable field experiences. Specialize in early childhood education or literacy education. Learn more.