Now more than ever, employers are looking for well-rounded graduates with a wide range of professional experiences and connections. Internships and immersive learning experiences empower you to achieve real-world solutions for communities and businesses. Involvement in student organizations broadens your networks, and study abroad opportunities outfit you with a global perspective to lead in any setting.


Studying economics prepares you for in-demand roles in every industry— such as government, finances, business, and health care. With so many avenues to explore, we encourage you to pursue several internships and immersive experiences to help you determine your career goals and gain a competitive edge. Learn more.

Immersive Learning

With its blend of social studies, science, and humanities, understanding economics prepares you to lead in-demand fields— such as public policy, marketing, and academia. We work hard to pair you with immersive experiences tailored to your career goals and personal interests. Learn more.

Economics Honor Society

Ball State is home to the Zeta Chapter of Indiana of Omicron Delta Epsilon, a national honor society for economics students and faculty members. With membership, comes access to leading publications, professional networking opportunities, and awards. Learn more.

Economics Club

The Economics Club gives students the opportunity to become more involved in the field of economics through keynote speakers, academic conferences, field trips, debates, and more. We wish to see anyone with an interest in economics enjoy these opportunities with us—whether you're an economics major or not! Learn more.

Study Abroad

Experiencing how other cultures conduct business provides you with a global perspective that enriches your life and enhances your ability to conduct business in a variety of settings. Explore the many opportunities through Ball State’s Rinker Center for Global Affairs.

Dean’s Student Advisory Council

Advise the dean of the Miller College of Business on issues of importance to the student body and actively promote the college at a variety of networking events. Membership is open to all Miller College students. Get involved.

More Miller College Organizations

The Miller College of Business is home to more than a dozen student organizations. Through these programs, you can connect with your fellow students, learn from the experience of our alumni and other industry leaders, and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for your field. See all the organizations.