Economics is a broad and rich discipline that helps us make sense of the world and better understand issues in business, society, and politics. Our economics program is excellent preparation for graduate and professional school—including law school—and for rewarding careers in consulting, finance, and other private- and public-sector employment. Always relevant to real issues in today’s economy, our impactful course work and learning environment equips you to succeed in the dynamic field of economics.

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Economics Major

Bachelor of Arts of Bachelor of Science

The economics major at Ball State will prepare you for demanding and wide-ranging roles across sectors in business, government, nonprofit, education, banking, and various other fields. You will understand how economic systems work and how they shift in changing circumstances. To further focus your studies, you will also pick either the business or liberal arts. This major is also an excellent precursor to law school. Learn more.

Economics Major Online

Economics Major (Online)

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

The online Bachelor's in Economics provides you with a strong foundation in economic theories and concepts, preparing you for careers in various sectors. This flexible program, taught by renowned faculty, provides the same quality education as the on-campus program, allowing you to learn from home. Learn More.

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Mathematical Economics Major

Bachelor of Science

An interdepartmental major between Ball State’s Department of Economics and Department of Mathematical Sciences, our bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics will help you apply your math skills to the world of economics and prepare you for a career as an economic analyst or for graduate studies in economics and related fields. Learn more.

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Minor in Economics

Economics provides a foundation for many business and social science disciplines, including accounting, management, marketing, finance, and political science.  An economic minor is a high-benefit, low-cost addition to many majors. Learn more.

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