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  • Credits: 120

Are you interested in applying your math skills to the dynamic world of economics? Does the idea of a rigorous, challenging curriculum that prepares you for an exciting career as an economic analyst sound appealing? Then a bachelor’s degree in mathematical economics is right for you. This interdepartmental major between Ball State’s Department of Economics and Department of Mathematical Sciences will open a host of opportunities for you, including pursuing a double major or intensive graduate work. 

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Department Scholarships: On top of the dozens of scholarships that Ball State offers to all of its students, our department has several we award to our own students to recognize their accomplishments. Learn more.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Mathematical Economics?

Our students have gone on to top graduate programs including economics Ph.D. programs at the University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, and graduate work at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Students have attended law schools such as George Washington, UCLA and the University of Alabama. They have also gone on to work at J.P. Morgan Chase, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the Indiana Senate, the United States House of Representatives, and to top law schools and doctorate programs.

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