Our engaged advisory board is vital to maintaining relevant instruction and professional connections. These industry leaders advise us on curriculum and offer guidance about student recruitment, retention, and employment. They are our fiercest advocates—celebrating our students, inspiring real-world partnerships, and funding key initiatives in education, applied research, and service.

Economics Advisory Board Members

Tracey Bassett ’96 '14
United Healthcare

Carl Davis Jr. ’98
Think Social Change LLC

Justin Dunmyer '14
Citizens State Bank

J Hopkins ’07 ’13 

ClaimAid Consulting

John Horowitz
Ball State University

Will Huiras '94
Huiras Legal Services

Allen Hutson ’08 (chair)
Louisville Gas & Electric

Jonathan Lamb ’04 (student engagement)
OptoeV Inc. and J. Lamb Investments Inc.

Robert Lantis
Ball State University

Charlotte Lippert ’98
Charlotte Lippert Wealth Management

Jeff Mantock ’90 ’93
Capital Management

Scott McKee ’88
First Merchants Bank N.A.

Grace McLain
United Actuarial Services, Inc. '19

Kayleigh Mohler '13
Alabama's 6th District Circuit

Jeff Papa ’99
Indiana State Senate

Michael Roberts '11
Regal Games, LLC

Faye Steele

John Sturm ’96
Resolution Energy, LLC

Jonathan Thornburg ’11 (vice-chair)
First Merchants Bank

Amy Willis '98 ’03
Liberty Fund Fellow

Dane Wilson