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What are the cardinal directions?

They’re the four main points of a compass. North, south, east, and west.

What is Cardinal Directions at Ball State?

Formerly known as “Stars to Steer By,” Cardinal Directions is a speaker series that connects students with our generous alumni. Humanities graduates share their career stories, professional advice, and internship/job leads in order to light the way for the next generation. 

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Cardinal Directions does more than just showcase a few successful graduates; we actively connect our students with lots of alumni through this series via:

  • Alumni speaking engagements
  • Visiting classes in person or virtually
  • Informational interviews
  • Practice interviews
  • Mentoring via CardinalsConnect.com

Cardinal Directions will show you how to pivot from the academic study you love to the professional pathway that’s right for you.

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Learn more at the Cardinal Directions website. 


For more information, please email Dr. Melisa Stevens or see our CSH calendar.