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A minor in counseling can help you understand human behavior and the emotional, social, work, school, and physical health concerns people have at different stages in their lives. Regardless of your chosen field, our counseling minor will be a valuable asset in your career.

This minor works particularly well with majors in:


What You Will Learn

A minor in counseling is designed to:

  • prepare you for jobs that require contact with people
  • help you improve your understanding of the principles and dynamics of human interaction
  • provide you with specific knowledge that is applicable for working with those who have developmental, physical, or mental health concerns, improve your listening, empathy, and conflict resolution skills.

Program Requirements

The program requires 15 hours with two required courses, CPSY 200 Counseling Fundamentals and CPSY 420 Counseling Techniques. In addition, students choose three courses from:

  • CPSY 320 Substance and Behavioral Addictions
  • CPSY 330 Career Counseling
  • CPSY 340 Positive Psychology
  • CPSY 351 Diversity in Counseling
  • CPSY 355 Counseling in the School Setting
  • CPSY 356 Behavior Modification in Schools
  • CPSY 360 Interrelational Aspects of Sexuality
  • CPSY 370 Introduction to Disability, Chronic Health Conditions, and Rehabilitation.
  • CPSY 490 Issues in Counseling
  • EDPS 270 Human Development Across the Lifespan
    • OR
  • PSYS 321 Developmental Psychology

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Contact our undergraduate program coordinator at cpsygrad@bsu.edu to see if this program is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the minor is open to students from all majors. There is no admission to the minor.

The minor in Counseling has been approved, but will not appear in the Undergraduate Catalog until July 1, 2021.

If you are now enrolled in the Interpersonal Relations minor, you can still complete it. You can substitute any of the courses from the minor in Counseling to fulfill the requirements of the Interpersonal Relations minor. However, we will not accept new students in the Interpersonal Relations minor.
You have the option to switch to the new minor if you wish. Please consult your academic advisor about whether this is the right decision for you.
CPSY 200 replaces the former CPSY 400 (Fundamentals of Counseling). This course is required for the minor in Counseling. It is also a prerequisite for CPSY 420 (Techniques of Psychological Interventions). CPSY 400 will no longer be offered, but if you have already completed this course, it will be counted as the prerequisite for CPSY 200. Contact your academic advisor for advice on how to get this substitution.
Yes. We will waive this prerequisite for students currently enrolled in the Interpersonal Relations Minor (Concentration 1 or Concentration 2). Contact your Academic Advisor for advice on how to get permission to enroll without the prerequisite.
Although the minor is not specifically online, some sections of most classes will be offered online annually.
In general, no. However, substitutions can be made under some circumstances. Contact your academic advisor for additional information.
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