Within our Digital Simulation Lab (SimLab), students and faculty come together with Indiana practitioners and corporations or nonprofits. They collaborate through funded contracts to support real-life architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, or historic preservation projects.

The state-of-the-art environment and tools create stereoscopic 3-D design presentations that clients use for thermal, solar, environmental, acoustical, or structural simulations of proposed construction projects. See what the lab looks like for yourself.

Partner with Us

If you have questions about the SimLab or would like to schedule a tour or time to use the facilities, please email Judy Kreiger, digital fabrication technician, or call 765-285-4612.

Centers and Labs Dedicated to Community

The following centers and labs support our efforts to provide Indiana communities with low- or no-cost expertise while offering students excellent opportunities for real-world experience:

  • CAP INDY Connector (CAP:IC) affords the college a unique opportunity to help shape not only future professionals, but also the future of Indiana's capital and largest city.
  • Center for Energy Research/Education/Service (CERES) is an interdisciplinary resource focusing on issues related to energy and resource use, alternatives, and conservation. 
  • Center for Historic Preservation (CHP) provides experiences for students and services to communities seeking economic development through preservation.
  • Community-Based Projects (CBP) has made helpful connections with hundreds of local governmental, civic, and service organizations since the late 1960s.
  • Drawings and Documents Archive collects and preserves records about Indiana’s historic sites and structures.
  • Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL), known as the Fab Lab, contains equipment to design and make 1:1 prototypes of building and furniture components as well as small-scale models.
  • Hybrid Design Technologies (HDT) supports the design and production of virtual, immersive, and interactive environments.