Veterinarians are important medical specialists that diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses in animals such as household pets, outdoor livestock, and even wildlife at the zoo. 

To become a licensed veterinarian, you must graduate from a four-year program at an accredited college of veterinary medicine. Most veterinary schools require students to have completed a significant amount of undergraduate coursework—ranging from 45 to 90 credit hours—but most prefer that you obtain your bachelor’s degree before applying.

Our pre-veterinary program will prepare you to meet the admission requirements of Purdue University’s School of Veterinary Medicine. If you have another school in mind during your studies at Ball State, your assigned departmental advisor will be happy to help you stay on track with that school’s specific admissions requirements.


Ball State’s pre-veterinary program does not grant a degree, so you must also declare a major of your choosing (typically biology or chemistry). For students who choose to earn a bachelor’s degree, you will need to complete the requirements for the pre-veterinary program, your chosen major, and the University Core Curriculum.

Courses to fulfill the minimum requirements for the pre-veterinary program are:

  • BIO 111 and 112 – Principles of Biology 1 and 2
  • BIO 214 – Genetics
  • BIO 313 – Microbiology
  • ENG 104 – English Composition
  • COMM 210 – Speech
  • CHEM 111 and 112 – General Chemistry 1 and 2
  • CHEM 231 and 232 – Organic Chemistry 1 and 2
  • CHEM 360 or 463 and 464 – Biochemistry
  • PHYCS 110 and 112 – Physics 1 and 2
  • MATH 181 or Bio 448 – Statistics course
  • three courses in humanities
  • one elective course applicable to your concentration or professional goals
  • one course in animal nutrition (offered online through Purdue University)

For a complete list of all the classes you will take as part of this program and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog. To learn about declaring a major in biology (with an optional concentration in zoology or wildlife biology), view our academic programs.

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