Pharmacists are a vital part of the U.S. healthcare system. Equipped with extensive knowledge of medications and how these substances interact with each other and with our bodies, pharmacists are responsible for providing necessary medications to thousands of people every day.

The Ball State pre-pharmacy program has been carefully constructed so you can complete your courses in an efficient sequence and complete your requirements in two years. With the guidance of our departmental advisors, you will be prepared to meet the curricular requirements to apply for multiple pharmacy schools in the state once you complete the program.


Ball State University does not grant a degree in pharmacy. Instead, our program prepares you to apply to pharmacy school through partnerships at Butler University, Purdue University and Manchester University.

Please be aware that admission to a four-year pharmacy school is competitive. The minimum overall GPA for consideration is a 3.0 although the mean GPA for admission of transfer students is closer to a 3.75. Important attributes assessed in students include verbal and written communication skills, understanding of the profession, commitment to patient care and professionalism. While the requirements are high, your Ball State advisor will help guide you along the way, and help you prepare to change your path if you decide not to pursue pharmacy school.

Some of the courses you will take to complete the pre-pharmacy program include:

  • BIO 111 – Principles of Biology with lab
  • BIO 215 – Cell Biology
  • BIO 313 – Microbiology with lab
  • CHEM 111 and 112 – General Chemistry with lab
  • PHYS 215 – Human Physiology
  • MATH 161 or 165 – Calculus

For a complete list of all the classes you will take as part of this program and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog and the above PDF.

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