The Center for Business and Economic Research employs a robust staff of economists, researchers, graphic designers, and technical developers who collaborate with faculty and engage in their community. We also mentor graduate and undergraduate students through internships, assistantships, and real-world projects while they complete their degree programs at Ball State University.

Undergraduate Positions

Student employment opportunities are posted online through the Ball State Career Center’s Cardinal CareerLink. CBER offers undergraduate positions in economic research, graphic design, and web development. For more information, contact our office.

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Economic Research

These students have a variety of duties ranging from clerical work and reception to data collection and literature analysis.

Graphic Design

These students produce event materials (e.g. invitations and program booklets), promotional items (e.g. posters and brochures), website components (e.g. mockups, individual graphics, basic HTML pages for email), and publications (economic briefs, full-length studies with infographics).

Though these assignments meet the requirements of a journalism internship and are designed for journalism graphics students, students of all majors are welcome, especially those in visual communications or architecture.

Web Development

These students use best-practices to build content-rich websites based in HTML, PHP, and JavaScript.

The Center offers assistantships in economic research for graduate students. Students must be officially admitted to a graduate degree program at Ball State to be eligible for an assistantship.

Application materials must be completed online through the MBA office. Applications for assistantships are due March 1 of each year.

Employment (excluding students) is posted through Ball State's online talent management system.

CBER employees include researchers, graphic designers, web developers, and administrative staff.