Dr. Kevin Nolan

Dr. Kevin Nolan, Ph.D., RPA - Director and Senior Archaeologist

Prehistoric Archaeology, CRM, GIS, Ohio River Valley, Paleoenvironments, Soil Geochemistry, Geophysics

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson, MA, MBA, RPA - Assistant Director and Archaeologist

Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology, CRM, Glacial Kame, NAGPRA, Historic Battlefield Investigation, Preservation, and Interpretations


Dr. Rebecca Barzilai, PhD. - Project Archaeologist

   Compositional analysis and archaeometry, Ceramics, Pigments, Indigenous Mining Practices, Prehistoric Archaeology of Midwest and South Eastern US, Cahokia and Mississippian Cultures

Hannah Ryker

Hannah Ryker, MA - Staff Archaeologist

  Historic Archaeology, Digital Historical Research, GIS

  Caroline Heston 

Caroline Heston, MA - Education and Outreach Coordinator