The Non-Tenure Line Faculty Academy (NTL-FA) aims to develop collegial relationships with other non-tenure line (NTL) faculty across campus and support NTL faculty in crafting plans to meet their professional goals. NTL-FA will use a community of practice model utilizing reciprocal mentoring, mutual exchange of ideas, and joint engagement in practice.

Participants will be able to attend sessions will be invited to join an NTL-FA Canvas community. Participants in the NTL-FA will:

  • Acquire a functional understanding of BSU’s resources, policies, and practices
  • Develop strategies to build and maintain a faculty community across campus
  • Establish a plan for work-life balance/well-being
  • Learn about community organizations and campus initiatives and consider their future role in the BSU/Muncie communities
  • Reflect on their identity as teacher/scholars to develop fulfilling careers with attendance to document teaching, research, and/or service plans and achievements; consider promotion opportunities.

As we work to accomplish these objectives, NTL-FA participants are expected to complete a final project; options may include a three-year plan, wellness plan, promotion document, or mentoring/networking plan. Upon completion of this final project, participants will receive a small stipend for their time and labor.


If you have any questions regarding the Non-Tenure Line Faculty Academy, please contact Dr. Kristen McCauliff.