This form is for Ball State University employees (regular, full-time staff personnel) to make recommendations or express concerns that affect our working conditions/environment. If you are looking for admission information to Ball State's academic programs, visit

Some possible inquiries might encompass (but are not restricted to): compensation and benefits, working conditions, harassment, suggestions for improvements, etc. The Printable Form (PDF) can be printed and submitted to your Staff Council representative or Vice President, or you can use the electronic Online Request form. Requests received prior to the first Thursday of each month will be placed on that month's agenda at the discretion of the Staff Council Executive Committee. (If submitted anonymously and you don't find your RFI on the agenda, contact a Staff Council Officer with questions.)

What happens to the request?

At the agenda meeting of the Executive Committee, the request will be assigned to a committee or officer for investigation. Each inquiry will require a written answer be given from a reliable and credible source. The Staff Personnel Employee Handbooks will be used as a reference. If a written policy is not available, a director of an area will be contacted. For example, if the question concerns a UHRS subject the director of human resources will be contacted for information, clarification, or referral on that subject.

At the Staff Council meeting, the request will be read, followed by the report on it. The full council will make a decision on the request. This may include further study and/or proposals for the creation or change in a specific policy. If the motion is seconded and approved by a majority, then the action will be taken as stated in the motion.

Once the request has been completed, a copy of the answer will be given to the secretary for the minutes and a copy will be given to the vice president for the council files. If the request is not anonymous, the vice president will notify the initiator of the request of the result.

You may complete a Printable Form (PDF). Please send or deliver this form to the Vice-President of Staff Council.

You may also complete an Online Request for Information or an Online Request for Policy Change online. This will be sent electronically to the Vice President of Staff Council. Using your name and phone number are optional.