Each year the A. Jane Morton Award honoree is selected from a group of nominated active full-time exempt and non-exempt staff personnel who have been university employees for at least five years. The award recognizes a continual demonstration of outstanding efforts of one person to all segments of the university community.

About A. Jane Morton

A. Jane Morton was employed by the Office of Academic Research and Sponsored Programs (now the Sponsored Projects Administration) and demonstrated outstanding service to all segments of the university during her 25 years of service. Jane was more than dedicated to her job responsibilities and had extensive knowledge of virtually all the academic disciplines on campus. Besides being a mother of two, she was active in numerous Ball State organizations. Jane developed a format for an in-service training program for new employees; helped revise the Secretarial Procedures Handbook; was concerned with salary and employee benefits of staff personnel; was involved in church activities; and, also volunteered many hours to WIPB and Ball Hospital. Her legacy to Ball State University is an award that annually recognizes one staff employee for best emulating her expectations of excellence through service.


Any university employee (co-worker, supervisor, faculty, retiree, etc.) may nominate an eligible staff member for this prestigious award. Each nomination requires the completion of a nomination form, letters of recommendation from the nominee's supervisor, and supporting letters from up to four other people.

The nomination period for the 2024 award has ended.

Nominations Closed

Past Recipients

A wooden plaque with recipient names is permanently displayed in the Sponsored Programs Office. The A. Jane Morton Award honoree also receives a framed and engraved print entitled "Between the Buildings...is the Life" and a monetary award of $1000. All nominees will be invited to attend a special reception where the winner of this award will be announced, Each nominee will receive a bound copy of their nomination and support letters.

Tambra White

2024 recipient of the A. Jane Morton Award

Tambra is a Records Assistant and Transcript Coordinator in the Office of the Registrar. 


  • 2024— Tambra White, Office of the Registrar
  • 2023— Melissa Hull, Dept. of English
  • 2022— Susan Calvin, Dept. of Biology
  • 2021— Kris Scott, Dept. of Media
  • 2020—Teresa Kennedy, Dept. of Accounting
  • 2019—Jennifer Eber, Unified Technology Support
  • 2018—John Sadler, Dept. of Theatre and Dance
  • 2017—Christine Edgeman, Dept. of Comm. Studies
  • 2016—Andrea Sadler, Dept. of Theatre and Dance
  • 2015—Kate Murray, Advancement Services
  • 2014—Melinda Wagner, Graduate School
  • 2013—Shawna Sewell, Dept. of English
  • 2012—Maggie Ailes, Dept. of Marketing & Management
  • 2011—Marilyn Waldo, Dept of Biology
  • 2010—Dina Byrnes, Emens Auditorium
  • 2009—Phyllis Dornberger, Dept. of Elementary Education
  • 2008—Danny Taylor, University Libraries
  • 2007—Theresa Best, Dept. of Information Systems and Operations Management
  • 2006—Sharon Hillman, English Department
  • 2005—Adrian Adams, Chemistry Department
  • 2004—Sylvia Ewert, Accounting Department
  • 2003—Helen Stephenson, Leadership & Service Learning
  • 2002—Virginia Hall-Moore, School of Physical Education
  • 2001—Donna Rae Garrett, Counseling & Psychological Services
  • 2000—Judy Motley, School of Physical Education
  • 1999—Carolyn Sue Conaway, Office of the Dean, College of Fine Arts
  • 1998—Marsha Weaver, Architecture Department
  • 1997—Deborah Governor, School of Continuing Education
  • 1996—Lu Whitehair, Urban Planning
  • 1995—Kimberly Hiatt, Anthropology Department
  • 1994—Glenda Johnson, Office of Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
  • 1993—Beulah Miller, Payroll and Employee Benefits
  • 1992—Harriet Kruger, English Department
  • 1991—Debbie Bear, Accounting Office
  • 1990—Lois Keller, Accounting Office
  • 1989—Allen Winters, Biology Department
  • 1988—Sylvia Powers, University Libraries
  • 1987—Helen Ayres, University Libraries
  • 1986—Brenda Ayers, Academic Research and Sponsored Programs
  • 1985—Elaine Tripi, Office of Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services
  • 1984—Ethel Evans, LaFollette Dining Services
  • 1983—Betty Payne, Mathematical Sciences Department
  • 1982—Janet Arnold, Office of Vice President for Business Affairs
  • 1981—Doris Edwards, Career Services
  • 1980—Marge Jones, Graduate School