Administration Building, Indianapolis Center

Stephanie Shockey (2020-2022)

Angie Zahner (2019-2021)

Alumni Center, EB Ball Center, Oakwood Building

Kathie Nix (2020-2022)

Applied Technology, Fine Arts, West Quad, Ball Gym, Health Professions Building, Sponsored Projects Administration

Lynn Clark (2020-2022)

Michelle Jones (2020-2022)

Architecture and Planning, Whitinger

Karen Lloyd (2020-2022) 

Art & Journalism, The Atrium, Noyer Dining, Woodworth Dining

Omar Sebai (2019-2021)

Arts & Communication, Emens, Music Instruction, Hargreaves Music Building, Ball Honors House, Pruis Hall, University Theatre

 Ranae Burkett (2020-2022)

Ball Communication, Letterman 

Ailesia Franklin (2020-2022)

Beth Zurzolo (2020-2022)

Bracken Library

Chris Caldwell (2020-2022)

Hank Gerhart (2019-2021)

Jennifer Eber ((2020-2022)

Burkhardt, North Quad

Amanda Kavars ((2020-2022)

Burris, Elliott, Indiana Academy House, Maria Bingham, Wagoner, E.F. Ball Medical Education Building

Cary Witter (2019-2021)

Cooper Science, Rinard Orchard Greenhouse

Dee Hoffman ((2020-2022)

Health Center, Health & Physical Activity, Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation & Wellness, Worthen Arena, Fisher Football Training Complex

Judy Stearns (2019-2021)

LaFollette, Noyer Housing,Park Hall, Carmichael, Studebaker West, Scheidler Apartments

Sam Bell (2019-2021)


 Krista Baker (2020-2022)

Melody Blair (2020-2022)

Public Safety 

 Andrea Johnson (2020-2022)

Robert Bell Building

Kim Bechdolt (2019-2021)

Service & Stores Group Leaders 

Janese Gonzales (2020-2022)

Brett Ware (2020-2022

Service & Stores, District Energy Station North, Showalter, North Grounds, South Grounds, Christy Woods Office/South Services

Paula Rench (2019-2021)
Monica Kappes (2020-2022)

Student Center, Multicultural Center, Office of Immersive Learning

Teresa Rector (2019-2021)

Peggy Dixon (2020-2022)

Teachers College

Shelby Harris (2019-2021)