The goal of the Advance Program is to increase both the quantity and quality of competitive external grant proposals submitted by Ball State University faculty members and professional personnel. As such, the Advance award will support a Principal Investigator’s (PI’s) proposal development needs by funding dedicated summer time, academic year release time, travel and/or supplies for expenses that will directly impact the development and submission of a competitive external grant proposal.

To be eligible for an Advance grant, the PI must be tenure or tenure track and have a record of external proposal activity or have a strong record of scholarly or creative arts activity.

Apply for this grant through our online portal. Recipients must also provide a final report.

Annual Deadlines: November 1, March 1

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2022-2023 Awardees

Congratulations to the following recipients of this grant for the 2022-2023 Academic Year:

  • Emil Khisamutdinov (CSH) - Elucidation of the role of non-Watson/Crick base pairs in ribosomal RNA temperature adaptation
  • Gerardo Ramirez (TC) - Relationship Building Program of Work
  • Paul Nagelkirk (CoH)The Effect of Green Exercise on Hemostatic Responses to Psychological Stress
  • Mahamud Subir (CSH) - Revealing Chemical Interactions between Microplastics and Organic Pollutants
  • Douglas Bernstein (CSH) - Filmbow, a novel method to map filamentation in C. albicans biofilms
  • Serena Shim (TC)Academic, Social, and Psychological Cost of Living for Thumbs-Up
  • YoungAh Lee (CCIM) - Testing psychophysiological and self-reported responses to emotional content and narrative strategies in ‘Child Hunger’ prosocial communication
  • Allison Wyatt (CSH) - Evaluating the Contribution of Microbial Photosynthesis to Carbon Uptake Along a Hydrologic Gradient


For questions regarding the Aspire program, please contact the program’s manager or email us.