All too often, security programs lack awareness.  They center on software and technical controls.  We expand the boundaries to include the human element.  Why?  Because people are the weakest link in any security program.  An accidental mishap or misuse of access can leave the university just as vulnerable as an intentional attack.  In fact 95% of all breaches are caused by human error.  

It is important that we all understand what role we play in protecting the university's data, as well as our own.  Our office is here to help educate and share information with you. We make ourselves available to come speak to your class, office or department. We want to help you understand what a phishing scam is and how to identify which emails you receive are scams.  We hope that you take advantage of using the wealth of information provided on the Information Technology Knowledge Base, follow our social media and stay abreast of information security related news that reflect your every day life. 

Here are videos that address phishing scams and password security. 

Ball State Phishing Scams
Ball State Password Security

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