If for any reason you need to leave a class you registered for, you can withdraw. However, there are certain deadlines that need to be met in order to receive a refund for the withdrawn class or classes.

Withdrawals cannot be done online after the withdrawal period has ended. Seek the counsel of your advisor before any withdrawal decisions are made.

During the course withdrawal period, you can withdraw from a course with no penalty by withdrawing through Self-Service Banner. A W will appear on your record for the course.

For more information on how withdrawing from a course will affect your billing, contact the Cardinal Central at 765-285-2222. Also, please note that withdrawals can affect your financial aid.

If there are verifiable extenuating circumstances that justify late withdrawal (after the course withdraw period has ended), see your academic advisor.

Withdraw from All Courses

Should you need to withdraw from all classes after the semester begins, you must report immediately to Cardinal Central, Student Center 120. You will need to complete a withdrawal form.

If a tuition refund is warranted, the amount will be determined by the effective date of withdrawal.

If you received any type of financial aid, you may be required to repay all or a portion of the financial aid you received for that academic period. You will be notified by mail of any repayment that must be made to the university. If you have financial aid (grants or loans), the withdrawal date will be forwarded to Financial Aid and Scholarships to process a federal return of funds. Federal aid return of funds is day sensitive and is not consistent with the university’s refund of tuition amounts.

For more information about withdrawing from all classes, contact Cardinal Central at 765-285-3312.