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If you love Ball State and have an interest in representing the University in marketing materials that help tell our story, the Division of Marketing and Communications wants to connect with you! We seek students representative of our commitment to equity, inclusion, and diversity who are interested in appearing in print, digital, and emerging media platforms.

Information students provide is private and accessible only internally to the Marketing and Communications division. The division schedules photography and videography sessions and does not share details with any other offices.

Participation is voluntary. To sign up and learn more, click the button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can be contacted at any time through your Ball State email. We continually search for students to feature throughout the year in our marketing materials for prospective students, parents, current students, employees, donors, alumni, and friends.

We will share the photos with you once they are edited. They could be used on a variety of marketing platforms and used multiple times over several years. We will not contact you before each use.

Once the photos are edited, we will send you a link to view and download the images from the photo shoot.

If you no longer want to be contacted or have your photos shared, call Marketing and Communications at 765-285-1560, and we can remove you.

Marketing & Communications is not able to offer monetary payment for your participation. However, we are very appreciative of student participation and often provide Ball State merchandise for work that requires extra effort. Completion of this form indicates your approval to use your photographic images, videography footage, interviews, or quotes in stories, advertisements, publications, and other marketing platforms. Ball State often uses such material for multiple years. If at any time you prefer that Ball State discontinue usage of your image or quotes, contact us at 765-285-1560.