2021 Programs

Ball State has annually recognized service employees since 1956, and initiated the staff recognition program in 1965. The tradition continues each spring when over 100 employees are honored for years of service, special achievements, and retirement

Awards Given

A. Jane Morton Award

The A. Jane Morton Award is an award initiated by the Office of Academic Research in 1979 and presented annually by the Staff Council in honor of the late A. Jane Morton. The award recognizes a Ball State employee by peer nomination for outstanding service to the university.

University Meritorious Service Award

The University Meritorious Service Award was initiated in 1986. University officers present these awards for contributions made to the university. Learn more about the award.

Award Given

Skills Training Program

The Skills Training Program is a four-year program that encourages individuals to enter the skilled trade, provides training that will develop the necessary skills for successful employment, and insures the university of a continuous supply of proficient skilled trades' employees. A certificate is presented by the supervisor of trainees and the director of engineering/operations to employees who successfully complete the program requirements.

2021 Honorees

The following staff and service personnel will be honored Spring 2021 for years of service and retirement.

Akins Margo   Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute 20 Staff  
Alexander Catherine   Chemistry 15 Staff Retiree
Alexander Laticia   BSU Foundation 10 Staff  
Amato Rebecca   Office Dean of University College 30 Staff Retiree
Anderson Duncan   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Andrews Marsha   CSH Deans Office 15 Staff  
Bader Vicki   Noyer Halls 10 Service  
Barker Bobby Jr. Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Barnard Matthew   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Beeman Angie   Student Center 20 Service  
Belser Jill   Nutrition & Health Science 15 Staff  
Blair Carlotta   Burris Laboratory School 10 Staff  
Blair Diana   Applied Business Studies 10 Staff  
Bourne Susan   Mathematical Sciences 35 Staff Retiree
Bousman Adam   Recreation Services 10 Service  
Brandon Tony   Ball State University Dining 15 Staff  
Brannon Diane   University Libraries 20 Staff  
Breitung Nicholas   Student Center 10 Service  
Breitung Teresa   Information Technology Services 10 Staff  
Brown Tina   District Energy Station North 20 Service  
Brubaker Andrew   Career Center 10 Staff  
Brumley Terry   University Media Services 33 Staff Retiree
Bryan Jessica   Noyer Halls 10 Service  
Burgess Terry   Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships 40 Staff  
Carroll Joshua   University Media Services 10 Staff  
Clark Rhonda   Public Safety 30 Staff  
Conner Mary Jean   Dehority Halls 28 Service Retiree
Cooper Diana   Noyer Dining 10 Service  
Cooper Vicki   Information Technology Services 25 Staff  
Cox Robert   Physics & Astronomy 34 Staff Retiree
Coyle Christopher   Sports Facilities Management 10 Service  
Curtis Lynn   Kinghorn Hall 20 Service  
Davis Beth   BSU Foundation 36 Staff Retiree
Davis Lucretia   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Day Nancy   Division of Online & Strategic Learning 25 Staff  
Decker John   Physics & Astronomy 27 Staff Retiree
Devoe Renee   Noyer Dining 10 Service  
Dipego Michelle   Parking Services 25 Staff  
Divens Brenda   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Donahue John   Recreation Services 10 Service  
Droppleman Debby   Johnson Halls 20 Service  
Drown Richard   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Eiser Julie   TC Deans Office 30 Staff  
Euliss William   Studebaker West Halls 15 Service  
Evans Robin   Central Mailing 20 Staff  
Fairchild Michael   Park Hall 10 Service  
Fairchild Troy   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Flesher Brian   Wagoner Halls 10 Service  
Flesher Michael   Unified Technology Support 15 Staff Retiree
Friddle Donna   Academic Advising 25 Staff Retiree
Gadbury Jane   BSU Foundation 10 Staff  
Garcia Carlos   Facilities Planning & Management 22 Staff Retiree
Gegenheimer Linda   The Atrium 10 Service  
Gentry Melissa   University Libraries 20 Staff  
Gillespie Alison   Social Work 35 Staff  
Graham Mary   Counsel Psych, Social Psych & Counseling 15 Staff  
Grant Sharyl   Biology 20 Staff  
Grilliot Jessica   Recreation Services 10 Service  
Guy Alice   Student Ctr 15 Service Retiree
Hammock Sally   University Libraries 30 Staff  
Hart Cevven   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Hartman Michelle   Student Center 20 Service  
Hatzell Antoinette   BSU Foundation 15 Staff  
Helton Tina   Telephone Services 23 Staff Retiree
Hill Mike   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Hill Ronnie   Facilities Planning & Management 29 Service Retiree
Hodson Craig   Public Safety 25 Staff  
Holt Kevin   Facilities Planning & Management 32 Service Retiree
Hoover Curtis   Facilities Planning & Management 30 Service  
Huff Kimberly   University Libraries 10 Staff  
Ison Betsy   Admissions Operations & Technology 10 Staff  
Janney Traci   Johnson Halls 10 Service  
Jones Donald   Purchasing Services 15 Service  
Jones Jeffrey   Facilities Planning & Management 34 Service Retiree
Jones Neal   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Julian Sarah   Woodworth Dining 10 Service  
Kear Mindy Wagner   Office of General Counsel 30 Staff  
Keesling Trisha   Student Center 10 Staff  
Kemmer Nicole   Health Enhancement 15 Staff  
Kemp Joyce   Noyer Halls 35 Service  
Kennett Phyllis   Woodworth Dining 51 Staff Retiree
Keppler Barbara   BSU Foundation 10 Staff  
Lee Gary   Human Performance Lab 35 Staff  
Lewis Alanna   BSU Foundation 15 Staff  
Longfellow B. Josie   Studebaker West Halls 30 Staff  
Lowman M.   LaFollette Halls 30 Service  
Lowman Vincent   Facilities Planning & Management 32 Service Retiree
Ludwick Jason   Facilities Planning & Management 15 Staff  
Luttrell Kelly   Johnson Halls 20 Service  
Manring Terri   Div of Online & Strategic Learning 20 Staff  
Martin Richard   University Media Services 20 Staff  
Mattingly Philip   Facilities Operations 30 Service  
Mayse Dustin   Student Center 20 Service  
McCashland Ronald   Facilities Operations 10 Service  
McCoy Daniel   Heat Plant Operations 10 Service  
Melton Heather   School of Kinesiology 10 Staff  
Mizner Julie   Noyer Dining 10 Service  
Murray Teresa   Facilities Planning & Management 40 Staff  
Neal Tammy   Systems Technology 35 Staff  
Nelson Elaine   University Libraries 20 Staff  
Osborn Penny   Registration and Student Records 25 Staff Retiree
Parker Catherine   The Atrium 10 Service  
Paschal Barbi   Information Technology Services 25 Staff  
Pence Kristi   School of Music 15 Staff  
Perry Deetta   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Pokorny Ryan   Public Safety 10 Service  
Rains Melinda   Unified Technology Support 20 Staff  
Rector Teresa   University Catering 25 Staff  
Reidy James   University Media Services 30 Staff  
Rench Paula   Printing Services 15 Staff  
Richardson Samuel   Sports Facilities Management 25 Service  
Ridgway Michael   Facilities Operations 30 Service  
Roberts Keith   Facilities Operations 25 Service  
Robertson Kenny   Noyer Dining 20 Service Retiree
Rogers Don   Marketing & Communications 26 Staff Retiree
Ros Ginger   Student Financial Services and Systems 19 Staff Retiree
Rowe Mark   Facilities Planning & Management 34 Staff Retiree
Ruble Bruce   Facilities Planning & Management 15 Service Retiree
Sadler John   Theatre & Dance 20 Staff  
Sarah Brenda   Bursar & Loan Administration 35 Staff  
Say Paula   Johnson Halls 20 Service  
Schafer Janet   The Atrium 10 Service  
Schneider Jill   Noyer Dining 21 Staff Retiree
Siefker Lori   Information Technology Security 25 Staff  
Slaven Vicki   Student Center 15 Service Retiree
Small Rhonda   Educational Leadership 32 Staff Retiree
Smith Terrell   Public Safety 30 Staff  
Snider Nathan   Heat Plant Operations 10 Service  
Spaulding Richard   Facilities Planning & Management 15 Service Retiree
Spears Charlie   Purchasing Services 33 Service Retiree
Stader Barbara   LaFollette Halls 30 Service  
Stearns Judy   Intercollegiate Athletics Operations 30 Staff  
Stephens Marta   University Human Resource Services 40 Staff Retiree
Stigall Heidi   Anthropology 10 Staff  
Stine Charles   Housing and Residence Life Office 15 Staff  
Story Teresa   University Libraries 45 Staff  
Stotler Tammy   Noyer Halls 35 Service  
Swartz Linda   Sponsored Projects Administration 40 Staff  
Swift Barbara   Woodworth Dining 10 Service  
Taylor John   Biology 20 Staff  
Terry Paul   Purchasing Services 10 Service  
Thomas Larry   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Veatch Cheryl   Indiana Academy 15 Staff  
Vore Richard   Facilities Planning & Management 18 Service Retiree
Ward Kevin   Facilities Planning & Management 25 Staff  
Warrner Douglas   Public Safety 15 Service  
Watson Jeffery   Facilities Operations 15 Service  
Watters Don Jr. Facilities Operations 15 Service  
Weans Debbie   Facilities Planning & Management 18 Service Retiree
Weir Rebecca   Kinghorn Hall 10 Service  
Weis Peggy   Center for Energy Research/Education/Service 15 Staff Retiree
White Susan   Facilities Planning & Management 21 Staff Retiree
Whiteman James   Emens Auditorium 20 Staff  
Whitenack Jim   Facilities Planning & Management 20 Service  
Whitesel Amy   School of Art 10 Staff  
Whitesell Meredith   Parking Services 20 Staff  
Whitted Roger   CAP, Deans Office 10 Staff Retiree
Whittenburg Reed   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Wilkinson Brenda   University Libraries 31 Staff Retiree
Williams Robert   Facilities Planning & Management 10 Service  
Wilson Lindsey   The Atrium 10 Service  
Workman Markus   Public Safety 25 Service  
Wright Dorinda   Studebaker West Halls 10 Service  
Wright Lana   BSU Foundation 30 Staff  
Zimmerman Diana   Kinghorn Hall 20 Service  
Zirkle Robert   Student Center 10 Service