Contact the Crisis Management Team

Phone: 765-285-8000
Emergencies: call 911 or 765-285-1111

Crisis Management Team Members

About the Crisis Management Team

First convened in 2000 to plan how Ball State would respond to a weather emergency, the crisis management team works to prepare the university for a variety of crisis situations. The team is composed of staff from departments across campus and meets regularly to discuss ongoing and timely issues, focusing on planning, preparation, and procedures that are models of good practice. In addition, the team takes part in training and tabletop exercises throughout the year to test and enhance the university’s procedures for and response to an emergency on campus.

A primary responsibility of the team is to make recommendations for the president and senior staff so that they may successfully lead the university through the crisis. The crisis management team will manage the crisis from beginning to end, making determinations about the scope and nature of the response, as well as coordinating communication of information about the crisis to all internal and external audiences.

Ball State’s crisis management team is committed to building effective partnership and collaborating with local, county, and state officials whenever a crisis situation involves such agencies.

Related Departments

Crisis management roles:

  • coordinate life safety issues
  • manage command center (include mobile command center)
  • serve as liaison with community emergency team
  • serve as liaison with off-campus medical response teams and hospitals in conjunction with Director of Counseling and Health Services

Phone: 765-285-1112

Crisis management roles:

  • coordinate all facilities issues
  • coordinate recovery operations for facilities
  • serve as a liaison with community services and public utilities

Phone: 765-285-5082

Crisis management roles:

  • serve as a liaison with external constituents, serve as the primary university spokesperson, and provide public relations counsel to senior staff
  • oversee preparation of all incoming/outgoing written and oral communication
  • organize media briefing room and conduct media briefings
  • coordinate communications distribution channels
  • monitor news reports and oversee preparation of reports of media coverage
  • appoint and oversee activities of information officer
  • oversee production of printed educational materials and educational websites

Phone: 765-285-1560

Crisis management roles:

  • track individuals within the university (missing persons, records)
  • serve as a liaison to internal constituents (students, staff)
  • assist students with special needs/disabilities
  • serve as a liaison to appropriate officials making food and shelter decisions for students and staff
  • plan and facilitate training sessions with campus and community constituents

Phone: 765-285-5344

Crisis management role:

  • coordinate the use of technology for communication and related purposes

Phone: 765-285-1241

Crisis mangement role:

  • provide counseling and support to students and faculty.

Phone: 765-285-1736

Crisis management roles:

  • coordinate property losses and personal injuries with appropriate insurance adjusters
  • serve as a liaison to the law firm serving as university counsel
  • conduct long-term planning to avoid, prevent, and/or minimize risk associated with the university’s fundamental activities
  • notify appropriate insurance carriers of existence of crisis

Phone: 765-285-2527

Additional Staff

Staff members from departments across campus are part of the crisis management team and work together to prepare the university for a crisis situation. The Chair of the Crisis Management Team determines when the team needs to be convened, serves as the liaison to the president and senior staff, and activates the crisis counseling team in consultation with the Director of Counseling and Health Services.

In addition to the core team, any of the following officials may be asked to join the group to develop a communication strategy and implement the plan:

  • university legal counsel
  • director of counseling and health services
  • director of university compliance
  • director of athletics
  • director of dining services
  • director of telephone services
  • medical director of the Health Center
  • safety specialist
  • various community disaster response personnel