Whether you're wondering how to best connect with the Career Center or working hard to secure your first job, download this guide to uncover important, career-focused tips, suggestions, and templates.


What the Guide Includes

Exploring Your Options
  • Connecting with the Career Center
  • Career-Ready
  • A College Timeline
  • Network Your Way to a Job
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Getting the Most out of a Career Fair
  • Power Greeting
  • Clean Up Your Social Media Identity
  • Using LinkedIn for the Job Search
  • Researching Employers
  • Internships
  • On-Campus Student Employment
  • Sample Resume
  • Cover Letter Template
  • Power Verbs for Your Resume
  • Email Correspondence
  • Steps of an Interview
  • Are You Ready for a Behavioral Interview?
  • Dress to Impress
  • Is Graduate School Right for You?
  • Guidelines for Writing Your Personal Statement
  • Job Search Steps
  • The Art of Negotiating
  • Choosing Between Job Offers
  • Create your 30/60/90 Day Plan
  • How to Excel at Work

Let Us Guide You Through Your Journey

We have services and resources to meet your needs depending on which of the following stages of your career journey you are in. So at which stages is it most useful to use the services described on this page? See below!
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Explore Options

Let our career experts, professional network, and tools guide you through some of your earliest choices.

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Develop Skills

Resumes, interviews, workplace etiquette, and more play such a large role in making sure you’ll earn a future job offer.

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Build Experiences

We’re here to make sure you find the best connections, the strongest networks, and the best experiences.

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Make the Transition

Ready to leap from classroom to professional world? We’re here to help you with job postings, on-campus interviewing, job fairs, and more.