Every year, the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) declares the second full week in April to be National Student Employment Week. It was established to increase public awareness and to recognize students who work while attending college. It is also a time to recognize supervisors that oversee the student experience by providing training and development that prepare students for their careers.

This year's National Student Employment week is April 7 - 13th.

NSEW (2024 version)


NSEW Awards Ceremony, 10am - 11pm (Invite only)

Bracelet Bar, 8am - 5pm, Lucina Hall 220

Scramble Light, 11am - 1pm


Student Employment Appreciation Banquet, 9am - 11am (Invite only)


Scramble Light, 11am - 1pm

All Week

Prizes and giveaways! Follow our social media and look out for the Career Center's Gem Car!



2022 National Student Employment Appreciation Winners

Virginia Carter

Virginia Carter - Ball State Student Employee of the Year & State of Indiana Student Employee of the Year

Title: Grant Research Assistant & Crew Chief

Department: Applied Anthropology Laboratories

Taylor Fudge - Ball State Graduate Assistant of the Year

Title: Assistant Residence Hall Director

Department: Housing & Residence Life

Rachel Buckmaster - Ball State Student Employment Supervisor of the Year & Student Employment Supervisor of the Year for the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators

Title: Assistant Director

Department: Museum of Art

Length of Employment with BSU: 6 Years