Community Projects

To reduce risk associated with COVID-19, Ball State will participate in the United Way Day of Action through virtual and “on your own” projects. Ball State volunteers can choose from several options.

Donate gently used books for all ages to help Muncie BY5 stock more than 35 Little Free Libraries in Delaware County.

Collection boxes will be available August 24-September 11 at the following locations:

  • Atrium food court (entrance near bookstore, second floor by UML)
  • Ball Gym (main entrance)
  • L.A. Pittenger Student Center lobby (by the information desk)
  • Burkhardt Building lobby (west end by the bulletin board)
  • Architecture Building (atrium and second floor lounge)
  • Cooper Science building (lobby)
  • David Letterman Communication and Media Building (lobby)
  • Jo Ann Gora Student Recreation and Wellness Center (south doors)
  • Robert Bell Building (lobby)
  • North Quad Building lobby (ground floor/east hall)
  • Showalter Building (Facilities Planning and Management office)
  • Teachers College (main entrance near the elevators)
  • West Quad Building (main entrance)
  • Whitinger Building (main entrance)

Bring unused personal hygiene products (i.e. travel shampoos, soap, body wash, toothpaste) to share with local shelters and schools.

Collection sites will be available August 24-September 11 at the following locations:

  • Administration Building, Room 326
  • Architecture Building, Room 104
  • Arts and Communication Building, Room 200
  • Art and Journalism Building, Room 300D
  • Ball Communication Building, Room 201N
  • Ball Honors House, Front Desk
  • Health Professions Building, Room 214
  • Facilities Planning and Management, by SV &SS time clocks
  • Housing and Residence Life
    • Dehority, Room 180
    • Johnson East, Room 066
    • Johnson West, Room 003
    • Noyer, Room B6
    • Park Hall, Room 028
    • Woodworth, Room 04
  • Letterman Building, Room 102 & 131
  • L.A. Pittenger Student Center, Information Desk
  • Teachers College Building, Room 1005
  • West Quad Building, Room 203
  • Whitinger Business Building, Room 100F
  • Worthen Arena, Room 140

Do you have an elderly neighbor that needs their fence painted? Live close to a park or greenway that could use some trash picked up? Want to plant some bulbs in an alley to make for a beautiful spring in 2021? You can self-identify a project in your own neighborhood or community!

You can be reimbursed for up to $20 in project expenses and please be sure to send in a selfie of you completing your project.

More examples of projects you can do:

  • Clean and stock a Little Free Library (we will provide books and location)
  • Record yourself reading a children’s book.
  • Mow an elderly neighbor's yard.
  • Weed a public space.
  • Paint over graffiti.

Do you have a musical talent or sing? Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been on lock-down since March with little to no entertainment for its residents. We’re looking for people to record themselves performing and then we’ll compile the performances into one DVD that can be sent to these healthcare facilities to share with their residents.

Register to Volunteer

To register for any of these opportunities, please fill out our online registration form.


Cardinals Care Pledge

As Cardinals, we are committed to caring for ourselves, other Cardinals and the campus community. Take the Cardinals Care Pledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty, professional, service, and staff employees may participate.

Yes. You will be paid for the time you normally would have been scheduled to work.

There are opportunities to volunteer virtually or on your own.

Employees must obtain pre-approval from their supervisor and include the time or hours you would like to volunteer. The request and approval must be in writing (email is OK) and your supervisor should retain the document in their payroll audit files.

Once you receive your supervisor’s approval, please complete our online registration form.

Supervisors are encouraged to allow employees to participate. However, the supervisor must ensure that there is appropriate staffing to meet the needs of the organization.

Non-Exempt (hourly)

If you are non-exempt (hourly paid), clock out for the time that you are volunteering (this includes travel time). You or your supervisor will add the hours using the pay code “Volunteer Pay” in Kronos. This process mirrors how you handle other paid time off such as sick, vacation, PTO, etc.

For example, if Mary is volunteering from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and leaves at 8:30 am and returns at 11:30 am, she would clock out at 8:30 am, clock back in at 11:30 am and then add 3 hours of “Volunteer Pay” in Kronos.

Exempt (Salaried)

If you are exempt (salaried), the hours spent volunteering should also be coded as “Volunteer Pay” in Kronos. Unlike sick and vacation that are reported in half and full day increments, “Volunteer Pay” is entered in increments of 15 minutes.

For example, if Mary spends 2.5 hours performing volunteer work, she would add a line in Kronos with 2.5 hours of “Volunteer Pay”.

Please keep a copy of your employee’s request to participate in the Day of Action along with your approval of the request. If your employee submitted a Kronos Adjustment Form, please keep this document for three years.

If you have questions regarding volunteer opportunities, please contact the Office of Community Engagement.

For information regarding Ball State University volunteer activities and related record keeping policies, please contact Kate Stoss in Human Resources.


Contact the Office of Community Engagement.