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Student Staff Photo for Caleb Whitcomb

Caleb Whitcomb (Spring 2020 - )

I am a recent Ball State graduate with a bachelor's degree in physics. I first attended Earlham College, then transferred to Ivy Tech Community College before coming to Ball State. I have been in love with the stars ever since I was a kid and it has always been a dream of mine to study the Universe. In high school, I took a lot of math and science classes, wanting to learn more. I joined the Brown Planetarium team because I wanted to learn more about the Universe and help others understand how our world fits into the Cosmos. I hope I can spark someone’s curiosity so they will also begin to ask questions about the Universe and fall in love with the stars.

Nicolette Terracciano (Fall 2020 - )

I am a senior here at Ball State University pursuing a double major in astronomy and physics. Ever since I was little, I have always had questions about our Universe. After years of bombarding my family with these questions and getting no answers, I decided to pursue a career in astronomy. So far, I have learned so much! But, I felt that I needed more, which is why I decided to work at the Brown Planetarium. After I started getting some of my questions answered, I realized that I wanted to be able to provide others with what I couldn’t have until I reached higher education. Just because astronomy and physics is deemed a “hard topic” in our society, doesn’t mean you can’t be educated about it at younger or older ages. Science is for everyone, not just for the “brainiacs.” I feel that is what the Brown Planetarium is all about.

Kyree Standifer

Kyree Standifer (Fall 2022 - )

Hello, my name is Kyree Standifer. I am a third-year astronomy major here at Ball State. Ever since I was young, my interest in the universe was sparked, when my elementary science teacher hosted these nights called Astronomy Night. He brought his own personal telescope and would let us look through the telescope and see everything that was in the night sky for that day, captivating me every time. I joined the Brown Planetarium to not only be a gateway to gaining further knowledge, but to help the younger generation become inspired just like I did and gain an interest for astronomy and science.

Jon Lawler (Spring 2023 - )

Hi! My name is Jonathan Lawler. I am a second-year physics and astronomy major at Ball State. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the stars and the Universe beyond. After a few astronomy classes, volunteering at my local school planetarium, and my continual love of everything science fiction, I decided that I shouldn't stop there as an adult. I am still captivated today by the strange and extraordinary nature of our Universe, and I am ever eager to explore further. I joined the Brown Planetarium team because of my desire to learn more about why the Universe is the way it is and use that knowledge to understand how it behaves, as well as uncover new discoveries alongside others in my field and share them with the community.

Mya Shelton

Mya Shelton (Summer 2023 - )

I am a senior here at Ball State University pursuing a major in astronomy and a minor in studio art. I’ve always found space and planetary objects fascinating, but the interest grew when I was in high school. My high school offered an astronomy course, and even had a small planetarium in the school. That course persuaded me to study astronomy further. I chose to work at the planetarium so others can be inspired to learn more about physics and astronomy just like I was. I also hope to show the public that they can create unique and easy projects themselves to help them gain an understanding of astronomy and physics concepts.

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