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Student Staff Photo for Caleb Whitcomb

Caleb Whitcomb (Spring 2020 - )

I am a recent Ball State graduate with a bachelor's degree in physics. I first attended Earlham College, then transferred to Ivy Tech Community College before coming to Ball State. I have been in love with the stars ever since I was a kid and it has always been a dream of mine to study the Universe. In high school, I took a lot of math and science classes, wanting to learn more. I joined the Brown Planetarium team because I wanted to learn more about the Universe and help others understand how our world fits into the Cosmos. I hope I can spark someone’s curiosity so they will also begin to ask questions about the Universe and fall in love with the stars.

Nicolette Terracciano (Fall 2020 - )

I am a senior here at Ball State University pursuing a double major in astronomy and physics. Ever since I was little, I have always had questions about our Universe. After years of bombarding my family with these questions and getting no answers, I decided to pursue a career in astronomy. So far, I have learned so much! But, I felt that I needed more, which is why I decided to work at the Brown Planetarium. After I started getting some of my questions answered, I realized that I wanted to be able to provide others with what I couldn’t have until I reached higher education. Just because astronomy and physics is deemed a “hard topic” in our society, doesn’t mean you can’t be educated about it at younger or older ages. Science is for everyone, not just for the “brainiacs.” I feel that is what the Brown Planetarium is all about.

Student Staff Photo for Madeline Shepley

Madeline Shepley (Fall 2021 - )

Hello there! My name is Madeline Shepley, and I am a master's student studying physics here at Ball State University. My alma mater is Indiana University-Bloomington where I graduated with dual degrees in physics and astronomy/astrophysics in May 2020. I have been fascinated with the Universe since I was a little girl, and as an adult, I've been privileged to indulge that childhood fascination by doing things such as scientific research on dwarf galaxies, creating a planetarium show at the Merrillville Community Planetarium, and teaching preschoolers in my hometown about space. I have a passion for astronomy and educating others about it, so I currently hope to pursue a career in science communication when I graduate. All that aside, I am excited to bring my knowledge and skills to Ball State to help get more people starstruck!

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