reception at production dome

Students, employees, and other supporters gather at the Fulldome Media Lab for an open house in February 2017.

Production Dome

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Learn more about how we transformed the old Ball State Planetarium to the Fulldome Media lab:

Ball State’s Fulldome Media Lab or production dome includes a RSA Cosmos 2K digital system under a 9-meter dome.

With it, Ball State University produces original fulldome, digital planetarium shows. Programs include original content (animations, 3D models, music, etc.) created by students, staff, and faculty.

Our final testing is done in the 16-meter, 4K Brown Planetarium to ensure the best quality programs.

The Fulldome Media Lab is a shared space with the IDIA Lab here on campus.


planetarium workroom

The Brown Planetarium also has extensive workroom space and facilities which include two desk-top RSA Cosmos planetarium production stations.

Our Brown Planetarium runs its 5.1 audio surround sound, cove lighting, GOTO Chronos II HYBRID projector, and 4K RSA Cosmos digital system through 13 computers and other equipment located in our electronics room.