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September 26, 2023

Photo courtesy: Ball State Daily News
Photo courtesy: Ball State Daily News

The Ball State Daily News
newspaper and Indiana Public Radio (IPR), the NPR® Member station of Ball State Public Media, today are launching an innovative news-sharing venture that will strengthen the way news is delivered and consumed in the region. This partnership will harness the combined reporting prowess of both organizations to provide comprehensive and timely coverage to their audiences.

This new venture aims to strengthen the dissemination of news and information by leveraging the digital landscape. On the Ball State Public Media App (iOS and Android) and IPR’s website, audiences will have vastly increased access to an array of Daily News-reported stories, features, and insights that span diverse topics such as politics, culture, education, community events, and beyond. IPR-reported stories will become more available to the student and campus audiences that consume The Ball State Daily News. This is the first step in seeking ways to combine the power of Ball State’s Unified Media Lab with the reach and depth of Ball State Public Media.

“We see this partnership as the next logical step in our commitment to serving our community with the highest quality journalism,” said Dr. Phil Hoffman, assistant dean of Media and general manager of Ball State Public Media. “As we merge the resources of two well-respected organizations, we are excited to set new standards in news-sharing and make a positive impact on our region.”

The collaboration will bolster the quantity of news shared, plus the depth and quality of reporting. By pooling resources, expertise, and networks, The Ball State Daily News and IPR news teams will be able to delve deeper into investigative journalism, and produce comprehensive reporting and thought-provoking multimedia content that resonates with their audiences.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for our student journalists and for our community,” said Lisa Renze-Rhodes, director of the Unified Media Lab and adviser for The Ball State Daily News. “This venture not only expands our reach, but enriches our reporting capabilities. By joining forces, we can expand access to experiences for our students, and elevate the standard of news delivery, contributing to a better-informed community.”

Stephanie Wiechmann, managing editor of IPR, agrees, adding: “IPR has a long history of training and supporting student journalists. This collaboration strengthens that support and spotlights these young journalists’ growing body of award-winning work.”

For more than half a century, IPR has been an East Central Indiana news presence, bringing the best international, national, and local journalism to the region. Winner of many awards from the Associated Press, Society of Professional Journalists, and Indiana Broadcasters Association, IPR provides context and depth to the day’s events.

Combined with the nationally recognized academic programs from Ball State’s School of Journalism and Strategic Communication (part of the University’s College of Communication, Information, and Media), The Ball State Daily News has for more than 100 years served as a launchpad for award-winning journalists who have made an impact across Indiana and the nation.

As the news industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between The Ball State Daily News and Indiana Public Radio demonstrates an innovative approach towards adapting to industry changes—while remaining dedicated to journalistic integrity and excellence.