Ball State Public Media is an innovative approach to fulfilling part of the University’s strategic mission to provide a meaningful educational experience with an unparalleled immersive learning opportunity for students. As those students generate content and produce programming, this initiative also provides to the community purposeful, deliberate content on topics and issues that matter most and showcase continued progress by our University and community.

A Meaningful Education Experience that Gives Back

Students are guided by award-winning experts on our faculty and professional public media staff, who provide mentorship through a variety of programs that engage students and provide paths to becoming marketable young alumni with rich, diverse portfolios and expansive skillsets.

The Public Media Accelerator (PMX)

Student Fellowships

The new Ball State Public Media Accelerator (PMX) gives highly-motivated students the opportunity to work at Indiana Public Radio and Ball State PBS while exploring potential careers in public media. Positions include audio/video production, marketing, community engagement, and more. All Ball State students are eligible to apply.

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Unparalleled Immersive Learning Opportunities

We teach the skills required in the world of communication: collaboration, problem-solving, and critical, technical and creative thinking. Using Ball State’s state-of-the-art facilities, students contribute to the community while attaining their degrees. This expansive immersive learning work further allows a robust reimagining and implementation of what’s next in the industry.

A Voice for the Community

Our faculty and students thrive in a hands-on setting, working in and with the community. This approach is engrained in our educational experience because that’s how the world and workforce works. As a result, we provide our community with quality, localized content that is informative, educational, and entertaining.