Muncie Community Schools and Ball State University have empowered a passionate group of professionals who serve on the Community Engagement Council (CEC). Council members champion MCS through advocacy, fundraising and volunteerism initiatives.

Keep up with the council’s efforts on the CEC Facebook page or click below to learn about each of the council's primary initiatives as outlined in the CEC bylaws. 

Advocating for MCS is a core priority for each Community Engagement Council member! Our advocacy subcommittee is currently ensuring that council members are equipped and trained to share accurate information about the district through monthly spotlight updates directly from MCS. We are also developing ongoing social media and communication training, and social media policies and procedures. This committee also coordinates district-wide teacher appreciation events once a semester. 

Each CEC member is committed to advocating for MCS on a broader scale in their spheres of influence in Muncie. Initiatives that will provide direct support to MCS students and teachers are in development.


Raising funds to support the Muncie Community Schools is an ongoing initiative of the CEC. Our annual golf outing has been held in the month of September! Our fundraising subcommittee is also pursuing the creation and sales of a custom MCS coffee blend, so everyone can enjoy their morning coffee and support MCS at the same time. Additional fundraising events and initiatives are also in discussion.

CEC council members are committed to volunteering in MCS schools and promoting volunteerism in the schools to the larger Muncie community. You can register to volunteer by clicking the "Volunteer in MCS" button at the top of this page. MCS uses the Give Pulse volunteer management system. Please reach out to a council member or your school of choice for current volunteer opportunities and needs. 

Meet the Council