About this New Partnership

Ball State University is leading a community-wide partnership to improve the educational experiences for all of the children in Muncie. The University appointed a new school board June 25 to manage the Muncie Community Schools (“MCS”).

The new board, which began governing MCS on July 1, will spend two years creating a long-term plan for the school corporation. The first year will be dedicated to gaining community input about the future of the schools.

This opportunity is a significant challenge, and it requires a long-term commitment. The children of MCS are our children. And like every child, they deserve a great education and our unconditional and unwavering commitment.

The challenges facing MCS are not new. Having Ball State assume responsibility for MCS will unlock the resources of a major public university and allow us to mobilize our faculty, staff, and students in new and innovative ways. Our leadership and extensive engagement will inspire people from other institutions and organizations to partner with us to provide an exceptional educational experience for the children of Muncie. And it will encourage philanthropic support from individuals and organizations eager to enhance the economic and civic vitality of our region.

There are many talented and committed people in MCS and in Muncie, and we will enlist their support. We cannot stress enough that collaboration with the Muncie community — students, parents, teachers, civic organizations, the business community, and anyone else that wants to work with us — is at the very heart of this effort. Collaboration is the key to success. This is not a Ball State plan. It is a community plan.

MCS teachers and staff are at the center of this partnership. They are the heart and soul of MCS. We value and respect them, and commend their professional and personal dedication to educating our children. We will soon engage MCS teachers and staff to learn more about their ideas for the future. Simply put, dedicated, experienced teachers and staff must be part of the solution.

Get Involved


In order to enhance the success of our public school system, Ball State faculty and staff may volunteer for MCS on university time, with their supervisors' approval.

Make a Proposal

Ball State faculty members may propose project ideas related to Muncie Community Schools. All project proposals are forwarded to Muncie Community Schools for approval.

What We've Accomplished

Volunteers showed up by the dozens to help start the year right

Before and during the start of the MCS school year, a small army of Ball State faculty and staff contributed their time, talents, and skills to volunteering on behalf of our local public schools. Among other tasks, volunteers have assisted with registration, helped prepare schools and classrooms for the first day of classes, and lent a hand with kindergarten classes and lunch at some elementary schools.

Charlies Cardinal with students

Board gains an intimate understanding of MCS and its families

MCS board members have deep ties to Muncie. Before they started on July 1, MCS board members were provided a thorough orientation on the role and responsibilities of an Indiana school board. They learned about MCS’ demographics, finances, challenges, assets, and opportunities, and became intimately familiar with the MCS system and how it works. The board will have two years to develop a long-term plan, with the first year devoted to listening to the community.

Enrollment efforts over summer lead to increase in students

Ball State lent its expertise to MCS through an enrollment push during registration for 2018-19 classes. The target audience was parents who lived within the district but enrolled their children elsewhere. Parents heard from other parents about why they should come home to MCS. Thanks to digital and print ads, radio spots, direct mail pieces, and phone calls, MCS has 160 more students than it would have had otherwise.

students working on crafts in classroom

Community organizations pledge millions of dollars to support MCS

This partnership has encouraged philanthropic support from individuals and organizations eager to enhance the economic and civic vitality of our region. Shortly after House Bill 1315 passed, community institutions committed $3.1 million for our local schools. MCS faculty and staff are the first to benefit. The University is directing $50,000 to fund classroom supplies for MCS educators to use in their classrooms.

Recent News

students working on crafts in Muncie classroom

'Hugely positive' news about Muncie school enrollment

The total number of students dipped less than 1 percent for 2018-19, compared to 3.2 percent to 8.3 percent for each of the past five years.

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Muncie Central Homecoming king and queen

High school students to help brand their school

Student volunteers are working with Ball State marketing students and MCS communications staff to help convince families to transfer back into the district.

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student in classroom

MCS starts school year with smooth first day

Volunteers from Ball State volunteered by greeting families and guiding students.

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