Ball State generally accepts transfer credits from any non-remedial, college-level courses taken at regionally accredited institutions in which a student has received a final grade of a straight C or better. 

Use any of the options below to learn if credits you earned at another institution will transfer to Ball State.

Visit or Meet with Us

Register for one of our Transfer Visit Day events and learn about the transfer process, tour our vibrant campus, be our guest for lunch, and meet with an academic advisor to discuss how your courses will transfer. You can also register for an in-person or virtual appointment with the Transfer Center.

Register Today

Transferring Credit Among Indiana Schools

If you are transferring from an Indiana college or university, visit to determine Core Transfer Library equivalencies. You can also see which Indiana community college degrees transfer to a related field at Ball State.


Apply Online

Once you apply to Ball State, you can use the DegreeWorks system to see how credits you've earned will transfer to the University Core Curriculum and your major degree.