Ball State accepts transfer credits from any non-remedial, college-level courses taken at institutions with USDE institutional accreditation which a student has received a final grade of a straight C or better.

Use any of the options below to learn if and how credits you earned at another college or university might transfer to Ball State.

Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS)

Get an overall look at how your credits earned at another institution will transfer to your chosen degree at Ball State with the Transfer Equivalency Self-Service (TESS) tool. While helpful, the degree audit TESS provides is unofficial and is not a final transfer evaluation of your earned credits.

Currently, TESS is compatible with a limited number of colleges. Additional colleges and universities will be added soon. If you can't find your institution, please contact the Transfer Center for assistance.

Use the TESS Tool

Articulated Pathways

Finding your pathway into Ball State can be as simple as following a plan already mapped out for you. Take a look at some of the pathways that have been created in partnership between community colleges and Ball State.

Articulated Pathways to Ball State

Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP)

Ivy Tech Community College and Vincennes University collaborate with state universities in Indiana to provide a Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP) for students interested in transferring to another institution. TSAP allows you to transfer smoothly from a participating Ivy Tech or Vincennes associate’s degree program to Ball State as a junior with the potential to finish your degree in two more years (or approximately 60 more credits).

See the degree pathways created for transfer students and identify the remaining course requirements you’ll complete as a Ball State Cardinal.

Learn more about TSAP


The TransferIN website provides transfer and dual credit students with transfer-related resources from the State of Indiana, including the Core Transfer Library (CTL) and the Indiana College Core.

Core Transfer Library (CTL)

The Core Transfer Library (CTL) allows you to see how individual, basic core classes can transfer between various state and private institutions in Indiana. Browse the library to see how your completed courses might apply to your Ball State degree.

See the Core Transfer Library

Indiana College Core

The Indiana College Core allows students who have completed the full 30 credits of core curriculum requirements at a public institution to easily transfer them as a single “block” of credit to another public college or university.

Learn more about Indiana College Core

Advanced Credit Opportunity and Core Curriculum

There are opportunities to earn college credits during high school by taking special courses and exams, or through other learning and work experiences. Explore all of the options that could count as additional college credit towards your degree.

Core curriculum classes are required for students and provide a basic foundation for all degrees, which can be fulfilled by transferring credits or advanced credit. Take a minute to browse our Advising Handbook and view the core curriculum requirements at Ball State.

Connect With Us

Our staff is happy to meet you in person or virtually to help you understand your credit transferability. Schedule a visit or appointment, request more information, or contact us for assistance.

Transfer Flight Paths

Looking for a plan of action to guide your transfer to Ball State? Our Transfer Flight Path program puts you in contact with our staff to develop a long-term strategy for transferring to Ball State from your current college or university.

Find a Transfer Flight Path that fits you

Articulated Pathways

Finding your pathway into Ball State can be as simple as following a  plan already mapped out for you. 

Learn more about Articulated Pathways